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Lab Animal Equipment

Lab_Animal_Equipmen_300x200tEQUIPMENT LIST:
Rack Washers
Tunnel Washers
Cage & Bottle Washers
Bedding Dispenser & Systems
Decon Chambers
Chlorine Dioxide Generator
UV Disinfection
Euthanasia Chamber
Ventilated Rodent Caging
Primate and Rabbit Caging
Surgery Table


Model 810LX Cage and Rack Washer

The LYNX Model 810LX Cage and Rack Washer is a high-efficiency, heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray washer designed for thorough, efficient cleaning of cages, racks, debris pans, and miscellaneous items used in the care of laboratory animals. Pit mounting is standard.
MODEL 410LX 46″ W X 85″H X 92″ Deep, 495LX with 6″ Sump, 420LX  141″ Deep, 430LX 188″ Deep, 450LX Double 108W X 104H X 149L, All Models customized to suit.
DOWNLOAD 810LX PDF    410LX    495LX    420LX    430LX    450LX


Model 524LXi Tunnel Cage Washer

The LYNX Model 524LXi Tunnel Cage Washer is a heavy duty, conveyorized, hydro-spray washer designed for thorough, efficient cleaning of cages, debris pans, bottles, feeder bowls, and miscellaneous items used in the care of laboratory animals.

DOWNLOAD PDF 24″ Conveyor    30″ Conveyor    36″ Conveyor    42″ Conveyor    48″ Conveyor


 Model 340LX Cage and Bottle Washer

The LYNX Model 340LX Cage and Bottle Washer is a heavy duty, single chamber, hydro-spray washer designed for thorough, efficient cleaning of cages, racks, debris pans, and miscellaneous items used in the care of laboratory animals. 48″ Wide 32″ H, 48″ Deep, Drop Down Door,
MODEL 330LX with Vertical Sliding Door, 320LX 34″ Deep with Drop Down Door, 310LX 34″ Deep with Vertical Sliding Door
DOWNLOAD PDF 340LX   330LX    320LX    310LX


Model 710LX Bedding Dispenser

The LYNX Model 710LX Bedding Dispenser is a semi-automatic unit designed to dispense bedding materials* into two (2) animal cages (maximum 13” x 13”) simultaneously when they are placed into position within the filling area. The dispenser is capable of handling most chip-type, free flowing solid bedding, as commonly used in the animal care industry. The dispensed bedding volume is adjustable to accommodate various depths and sizes of cages.


Clean Bedding Delivery System

The LYNX Clean Bedding Delivery System is used in laboratory animal research and washing operations to deliver fresh bedding materials* via pneumatic technology to a variety of dispensing machines.

DOWNLOAD PDF Clean Bedding System


Waste Bedding Disposal System

The LYNX Waste Bedding Disposal System is used in laboratory animal research and washing operations to remove waste bedding materials* via pneumatic technology to a remote waste container.

DOWNLOAD PDF Waste Bedding System


Model CR-79 Cage Wash Rack

LYNX Wash Racks are versatile, heavy-duty, stainless steel racks designed to securely hold rodent cages, debris pans, and/or cage floors for thorough, efficient cleaning in a walk-in type Cage and Rack Washer.

DOWNLOAD PDF Universal Presentation Rack


LYNX Bottle Wash Cart

The LYNX Bottle Wash Cart is designed to couple with the feeder bottle washing system that is an available option on all of the LYNX 400 Series Cage and Rack Washers.

DOWNLOAD PDF Bottle Wash Cart

Custom Stainless Steel Wall Systems

LYNX Modular Wall System

The LYNX Modular Wall System is a custom-designed wall assembly that divides the clean and dirty areas of a Vivarium washroom. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, this wall forms an enclosure which conceals the equipment body, utility piping and wiring and also protects the workroom from excessive heat, noise and steam vapor that may be released from washroom equipment.    DOWNLOAD PDF Modular Wall


RW_810Model 220BG Decontamination Chamber

The LYNX Model 220BG Decontamination Chamber is a dedicated air-tight chamber designed to accept vapor or gaseous sterilants for high-level disinfection and/or sterilization of metro racks, caging, computers, electronics, medical devices, instrumentation, and other miscellaneous items at ambient temperatures.

DOWNLOAD PDF Decontamination Chamber


Minidox-M Generator
The Minidox-M is a chlorine dioxide gas generation system designed for use in any pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting. The Minidox-M provides a rapid and highly effective method to sterilize volumes up to 70,000 ft3, including rooms, isolators (sterility test, filling line, containment, etc.), passthroughs, processing tanks and vessels, cleanrooms, lyophilizers, etc. The Minidox-M utilizes a rugged industrial control system and is constructed of robust, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to provide an exceptionally long life.   DOWNLOAD PDF MinidoxM

Torch_175X175The Torch UV Disinfection System
the TORCH Tower is an inexpensive, easily transportable, powerful disinfection system designed for use in any healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting. It is used to provide a rapid and highly effective method to disinfect surfaces, components, room surfaces and common touch points to reduce the transfer of dangerous organisms. It also offers a way to disinfect components without removing them from the room, which helps minimize the chance for cross-contamination.     DOWNLOAD PDF Torch Brochure       YouTube Video

Tabs_175X175Chlorine Dioxide Tabs for Decon Solutions
CD-Tabs generate a neutral pH generic chlorine dioxide solution. Just drop the tablet into a container with 1 gallon of tap water and you have a generic 100 PPM, (400 ppm if mixed in 1 Liter) non-acidic, chlorine dioxide odor-control solution. For higher concentrations, just add another tablet.


DOWNLOAD PDF Clordisys Brochure

Hygieia_Cage_175x175HYGIEIA Ventilated Cage
Revolutionary airflow system (through the entire bottom) decreases the airflow required to reduce contaminates and keeps ammonia from forming by keeping the bedding totally dry.
Healthier Cage Air
Less Dehydrating
Less Chilling
Comfortable Cage Environment       DOWNLOAD PDF   Hygieia_Brochure       HYGIEIA WEBSITE


Primate Caging

Lenderking produces high quality primate cages with a wide variety of features and options to suit you and your primate’s needs. Our cages allow primates to exhibit their natural behaviors and allow for excellent vertical movement which will increase their psychological well being. The staged socialization features will get you to paired or group housing faster and easier. Special attention is paid during design and construction to make these cages last and clean easily.    PRIMATE WEBSITE


Rabbit & Ferret Caging
 produces both the Comfort Caqe high temperature plastic cages and Stainless Steel Rabbit Cages with a variety of features and options. All cages meets current USDA guidelines and some meet ETS123 Standards. Socialization is important and the sliding panel divider is provided in both the stainless and Comfort Cage lines. All our cages can be prepared in our factory to house ferrets by the addition of extra guarding. The outward appearance will not change and the ferret cages can still be used to house rabbits.         RABBIT WEBSITE

MobileSurgery_Table_175x175 Ventilated Downdraft Surgical Table

The unit is designed for easy cleaning and decontamination with fully removable/autoclavable ventilated  worktops, which can include interchangeable fine perforated mesh or graduated fall stainless surface for surgery/necropsy   Read More…     DOWNLOAD PDF Mobile_Surgery_Table


Stainless Steel Case Carts

Metro’s newly designed line of high and low profile closed case carts provide the most combined storage capacities in their five sizes than any other competitor on the market. Ergonomically designed handles, reduced footprint and your choice of stainless steel or polymer casters provide you with superior maneuverability. Access to contents has been improved for you with roller shelves that extend easily and quietly, even at the lowest levels. All case cart shelves are adjustable at 2″ increments along the inside height of the cart.

Carts can be used wherever contents must be protected from an “unclean” environment, including free-standing ambulatory care centers, procedure rooms, and hospital based or out-patient surgeries.

  • New optional wire roller shelf, pulls out halfway, easily and quietly, even at the bottom level where accessibility is vital. Also available in solid or wire without roller.
  • Newly designed ergonomic full length handles (on both sides of the low profile carts) allow for convenience in pushing or pulling from either end and provide better cart control.
  • Detachable brackets remove for faster and easier cleaning and drying. Brackets, which hold shelves, attach and detach quickly from “keyhole” slots for easy shelf adjustability at 2″ increments.
  • Double-panel door for optimum strength. Recessed latch eliminates a catch point. Two door models have a center flange to stop splashes from entering cart.
  • Stainless steel casters provide easy maneuverability even through frequent cart washings, featuring long wearing, shock absorbing polyurethane tread.
  • Polymer casters provide the same weight capacity as steel casters and are equipped with the same long wearing polyurethane tread.

DOWNLOAD_PDF_StainlessSteel_Cabinet_Carts       Phone 1 800 515-0089 for custom sizes and castor options