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Perotech is a primary provider of leading edge products and services that continue to solve the ever changing needs of our customers.

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Presidents Message as recorded in our 1986 eighty eight page catalog. (notice the absence of any mention of e-mail and websites, wow!)

Perotech Sciences began in 1982 with the purpose of serving the lab, pharmaceutical and advanced technology companies that I had been involved with since 1972.

Over the years our suppliers and products have expanded and so have our customers as many more industries have become “environmental” and “clean” conscious.

This short-form catalog represents many pages from each of our suppliers’ catalogs and data sheets. Some pages will represent the contents of catalogs much larger than this one, and the sum total of binders would stretch over two feet of shelf space.  We trust you will appreciate this condensation.  Please remember to call if you require more specific information on any of these items.

We not only have one of Canada’s extensive and largest stock of cleanroom supplies, but we also operate a Cleanroom Laundry in house.  This allows us to understand your needs and problems as we daily wash the “sole” of Canada’s cleanrooms.

We have experienced people to help you with all necessary products to run an efficient cleanroom operation.  We also are able to supply numerous items that are not in this catalogue and we invite your inquiries on any products you cannot find.

Is there someone else in your company or department who would benefit from a copy of this catalog?  If so, please route this to him or call or FAX us for as many copies as you require.

My Best Regards

Joe Perrott