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Mechanical Filtration, Chemical Filtration, Ultraviolet Sterilization, Protein Fractionation, Biological Filtration, De-gassing Columns, Temperature Control, Remote Monitoring

ZebraFish Fish Food

Single-rack_300x362The Aquarius Fish System™ is designed to be cost-effective and eliminate efficiency problems found in other zebrafish housing systems. Our proprietary “Rinse & Reuse” mechanical filter saves time, consumable costs, and can help boost facility LEED ratings. All racks accommodate any combination of tanks and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Features and Benefits

Stand alone or centrally filtered systems
2, 4, and 8 liter self-cleaning polycarbonate tanks
2 Liter tank is divisible into 4 compartments for individuals
Removable divider for 4 and 8L tanks
EZ Feed™ self-cleaning lids, deeply recessed to stay in place
Pigmented lids reduce algae growth

  • Cross compatible tanks fit other manufacturers racks
  • Nesting tanks save storage space
  • Fry screens for larval rearing
  • Fitted nets match contour of tanks
  • Tube-less water delivery
  • Rinse and re-use filters
  • Rust-free powder coated aluminum racks
  • Bio-filter protected against accidental desiccation
  • Air system in bio-filter for supplemental aeration and CO2 degassing
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Water quality monitor, control, and alarm systems
  • Fully automated water changers
  • Fully automated dosing systems
  • Light cycle cabinets
  • Artemia and rotifer hatcheries
    Alarm systems with remote texting and email notification         Aquarius PDF               Aquarius Sizes & Specs

Xenopus_301x226The XenRack™ Aquaria Rack System’s unique design and engineering creates an environment benefiting both research model and user. Our simple, cost effective life support system promotes healthy animals while keeping service simple and inexpensive. We are confident you will agree.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of research models
  • Available in self-contained and serial multiple-rack systems
  • Custom tank sizes and rack configurations
  • Acrylic tanks with color tint options
  • Maintenance free biological filter with no-clog media
  • Mechanical filters available from 1 – 200 microns
  • Carbon inserts for simple, no tools needed carbon replacement
  • High output ultraviolet disinfection unit
  • Fully welded T304 Stainless steel frame
  • 3M Scotchkote fusion bonded epoxy coated frame
  • Frames bolt together end-to-end, as well as, back-to-back
  • Frames come with articulated levelers and seismic brackets
  • Remote life support packages available
  • Service contracts available globally

Optional equipment includes:

  • Automated water changer system
  • Water chemistry monitor and alarm system
  • Water chemistry management
  • Water temperature control
  • Remote web-based water quality monitoring             Aquatic_Xenopus Rack PDF             Xrack Systems


Custom AquariumCustom Aquarium Systems

Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. specializes in custom built, fully self-contained aquarium systems designed for a variety of research applications. These systems can operate in a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for species from Antarctica to the Tropics in fresh, brackish or marine environments.

Our in-house engineering and design team works with your space to create a system that fits your needs and requirements. The aquariums can come with local or remote life support, chilling and heating, and automated water changing.

We can manufacture any tank size and configuration and even integrate with your existing system. Designs include water tables, flow through systems, and serial systems with centralized filtration. From initial concept, to installation, training and service, Aquatic Enterprises can bring your facility to life.

Features Include:

  • Variable Pump Configurations
  • Titanium Coil Chillers
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Insulated Glass
  • Epoxy-coated, Stainless Steel Frames
  • Biological Filters
  • Mechanical Filters
  • UV Sterilization
  • Protein Fractionator
  • Ozone
  • Alarm Systems
  • Automated water Make-up and Changing
  • Modular Designed Frames with Seismic Considerations

Many other options are available.

From Aplysia to Urchins, we can create the right system for your needs.


Mobile AquariumThe SeaStream™ line of Mobile Research Aquariums are fully self contained recirculating aquarium systems mounted on casters for portability. They require no special building features or plumbing. They plug into any standard 110 Volt outlet. Simply fill it up and use it as your needs indicate.

The SeaStream™ line of MRA’s by Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. can house almost any aquatic organism. The SeaStream™ can accommodate a wide variety of fresh or saltwater fish, invertebrates, crustaceans, molluscan bivalves, reptiles, and amphibians. The titanium heat pump efficiently heats and/or chills the water with a temperature range from 33ºF to 90ºF. The dual-stage digital controller displays the current water temperature and maintains the desired temperature to within ±2ºF. Insulated glass allows condensation-free viewing at any temperature.

The SeaStream™ lines of MRA’s are incredibly versatile, with many features to accommodate almost any need:

  • Insulated glass for condensation-free viewing
  • Stainless steel frame and base
  • GFCI protected
  • Wet/Dry sump type biological filtration
  • Secondary mechanical and chemical filters
  • Ultraviolet sterilization
  • Venturi air delivery requires no air pump
  • Solid polyurethane wheels for floor protection and chemical resistance
  • Amphibian kits available
  • Low-profile invertebrate tables available
  • Lockable lids for public display

The SeaStream™ MRA’s are easily relocated from room to room with solid wheels mounted to stainless steel casters. Full-size removable panels make servicing effortless with unobstructed access. The pressurized drain has a standard garden hose connection for simple draining and water changes. A pressure gauge indicates when it is necessary to service the filters and valves isolate the filters for easy maintenance. Because of the SeaStream’s portability, building permits or other mechanical inspections are not necessary.

The SeaStream™ line of MRA’s is the perfect choice for labs, classrooms, universities, and public aquariums that have to utilize existing space and infrastructure.

Custom sizes and configurations available

Cold Water Aquarium

Cold Water Aquarium Systems

Aquatic Enterprises cold-water racks are purpose built, fully self-contained systems designed to suit a variety of cold-water applications. These rack systems can maintain temperatures as low as 33°F with no condensation on the viewing windows.

The systems are designed for both fresh water, brackish, and marine applications.

Our cold water systems are fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency, while keeping the equipment, plumbing, and holding tanks free of condensation. All our cold-water life support packages are fully engineered to provide a stable water chemistry and environment for the animals. We remotely locate the life support equipment so heat is not introduced to the aquarium room.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fully insulated sump
  • Titanium coil chiller
  • Digital temperature control
  • Argon filled insulated glass
  • T316L stainless tank frames
  • T304L stainless base
  • Insulated aquariums
  • Biological filters
  • Secondary filtration
  • Remote condensing units
  • Variety of tank sizes & configurations
  • Mechanical pre-filtration
  • Fully self-contained
  • PVC equipment deck
  • FBEC coated metals
  • UV sterilization                     Aquatic Enterprises Website


LiveSeafood_335x327Live Seafood Aquariums

Aquatic Enterprises offers a wide variety of standard seafood aquariums to meet almost any display need. Our tanks, constructed with tempered insulated glass, insure condensation free viewing and maximum durability.

Full size removable panels make servicing effortless with unobstructed access. A digital thermostat accurately controls temperature and a titanium coil chiller provides dependable, efficient cooling. Our biological filtration system uses a clog-free synthetic media that maximizes product capacity. Secondary filtration is mechanical, and a carbon finish filter polishes water and eliminates odors.


  • Condensation free viewing
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Venturi air delivery
  • Digital temperature control
  • LCD temperature display
  • Translucent lids
  • GFIC protected
  • Fully insulated sump w/window
  • Easy access to equipment


  • Powder coated finish w/color options
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer
  • Protein skimmer
  • Solid wheels
  • Articulated stainless levelers
  • Dividers
  • Lighting
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom configurations

Standard Seafood Systems Specifications                         Seafood Website

Shellfish TankShellfish Tanks

Working directly with Federal (FDA), State, and local regulatory agencies, Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. has created a holding system that makes it easy to comply with your local HACCP protocols.


  • Insulated glass for condensation-free viewing
  • Fully independent compartments
  • Flow control to each compartment
  • Independent water distribution
  • Dividers prevent co-mingling
  • Custom sizes & configurations

Frame and Base

  • Stainless steel frame & base
  • Solid polyurethane wheels
  • Available w/legs or casters
  • Full-size removable doors
  • Built in sign holder – doubles as lot tag holder
  • Easy access to equipment
  • Low profile allows access from front and rear
  • Optional powder coating w/color options
Filter System

  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Poly-fiber pre-filter pad
  • Wet/dry biological filter
  • Synthetic bio-filter media never clogs
  • Secondary mechanical filter
  • Carbon finish filter
  • High output ultraviolet sterilizer
  • GFCI protection
  • Fully insulated sump w/ lids

Temperature Control

  • Titanium coil chiller
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Constant temperature readout
  • Flow safety switch protects chiller


Viewing Electrical Gallons
 SF120*  72″Lx30″Wx50″H  13″H  115VAC/20amp  120
 SF160*  96″Lx30″Wx50″H  13″H  115VAC/20amp  160
 *Add 3″ at sign holder


Commercial Lobster TanksCommercial Tank Systems

Our commercial holding systems are designed specifically for each project.  We provide the most suitable culture tank shapes and configurations for your product, and then fully engineer all the supporting equipment including bio-filtration columns, protein fractionators, pump/filter skids, ultraviolet disinfection, and temperature management.

We can provide facility layout plans including plan and elevation CAD drawing sets, equipment pads, and tank support forms.  We work directly with architects, engineers, and contractors to insure the infrastructure meets the criteria required for the systems.

We have water quality monitoring and management systems that provide real time monitoring, control, and alarming of basic, yet critical, water chemistry parameters.

Our water delivery systems range from basic water mixing and storage vessels to fully automated water changing systems.

All our systems combine cost effective, high-density capability with time proven energy efficient equipment to provide you with best system for your money.

Degassing Towers and Assorted EquipmentCommercial Life Support Systems

Aquatic Enterprises commercial life support division provides state of the art life support packages from pump skids to complete, fully self-contained filtration systems.
The support equipment is available in both standard and custom configurations.  Our experience ranges from recirculating systems to partial and full flow through systems.
We offer in-house engineering and CAD capabilities to compliment your design and achieve your goal.

Aquatic Enterprises systems can include pumps, mechanical filtration, chemical filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, protein fractionation, biological filtration, de-gassing columns, temperature control, and remote monitoring.

In addition to our in-house aquaria production, we now offer in-house plastics fabrication as well as fiberglass production.   These new divisions offer a wide range of products for your aquatic systems.


  • Insulated sumps
  • Insulated tanks
  • PVC tanks and sumps
  • Acrylic tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Mixing stations
  • Trickle Biological filters
  • De-gassing towers
  • Raceway bio-filters
  • Bio-towers
  • Custom fabrication and Rotational molding
  • Installation services


  • Culture tanks
  • Raceway tanks
  • Rearing troughs
  • Bio-towers
  • De-gassing towers
  • Aeration columns
  • Packed and loose media towers
  • Custom fabrication
  • Vacuum de-gassers
  • Installation services

Aquatic Enterprises Website


Zebrafish Food

Caviar is a truly unique product on the market. Caviar is Caviar_420x194composed of agglomerated micro-capsules. The agglomerated product is agglomerated in different sizes to match the different stage of the fish larval development. Each capsule is filled with small peptides and low MW soluble proteins, nucleotides, EFA based phospholipids, a balanced profile of chelated trace minerals, etc. Caviar is recently formulated with frozen krill mince (Euphausia superb) as its main ingredient. This Krill is fished in the pristine waters of the Antarctic sea. This key ingredient is giving to caviar a better palatability, increased performance and extremely low levels of contaminants such as heavy metals and dioxins.