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Worklon offers an extensive line of cleanroom garments and ESD apparel including coveralls, cleanroom boots, ESD lab coats, cleanroom suits, and more. Worklon garments are available in a variety of styles and fabrics and help to ensure that controlled and sterile environments stay that way.

When looking for cleanroom products, you’ll find we offer a  comprehensive stock line of reusable cleanroom uniform and cleanroom garment options, including ESD lab wear, in a wide selection of styles and barrier fabrics.

To accommodate a controlled environment with unique requirements, Superior Uniform Group also has the uniform design expertise to engineer cleanroom products to your specifications.

•HD-ESD System: Designed for cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4) where bacterial filtration, static charges, ESD Cleanroom Frocksparticulate and fluid resistance needs to be controlled.

•LSA System: Non-leaching, antimicrobial Microbe Shield inhibits the growth of gram positive and negative bacteria as well as mold and mildew.

•HD-10 System: Suitable for sterile cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4) where fluid resistance, bacteria filtration and particulate control are essential.

•LD-100 System: Poly herringbone coveralls worn in cleanrooms up to and including Class 100 (ISO 5).  Poly taffeta frocks worn in controlled environments up to and including Class 1000 (ISO 6).

•SC-3 System: Poly with carbon grid guards against airborne particles and dissipates static charges.

•Also available: Intersuit and lab wear systems, unisex lab coats and  scrub suits.

Worklon cleanroom garments protect both your employees and your product for a variety of cleanroom industries with coveralls, frocks, hoods, boots, intersuits and ESD lab wear.  We can also provide lab coats, scrubs, and safety shoes that can be customized to fit your unique needs:Coveralls&Frocks_956x580

•Semiconductor Cleanroom
•Electronics Cleanroom
•Life Sciences cleanroom
•Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
•Medical Device Cleanroom
•Aerospace Cleanroom
•Defense Cleanroom
•Automotive Cleanroom
•Paint Spray Cleanroom
•Food Processing Cleanroom









Uniform Technology CatalogUniform TechnologyCoveralls_922x645

Uniform Technology covers the controlled environment worker from head
to toe with innovative designs in all fabrics & styles. From Cleanroom to
ESD Assembly apparel to Paint Spray, serving customers globally.

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BioClean CatalogBioClean

Throughout the world, BioClean is best known for the manufacture and supply of its extensive range of high quality cleanroom consumables – used in more than 60 countries and supplied through an established global network of professional distributors.

As both a manufacturer and supplier, UK-based BioClean is in total control of the entire end-to-end process. The company’s rigorous Quality System is ISO and EN compliant, ensuring consistent high standards and customer peace of mind.

BioClean cleanroom gloves comprise the largest range available from a single manufacturer. The range includes sterile and non-sterile versions in latex, nitrile, polychloroprene and vinyl, in a variety of lengths.

To complete the extensive range of cleanroom consumables, the BioClean brand encompasses disposable garments, goggles, facemasks, overshoes, veils, wipes, paper, tacky mats and other accessories.