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8_150x150_instrumentsEQUIPMENT LIST
Particle Counters
Air Velocity Meters
Bio Microbe Sensor
Static Solutions


Portable Particle Counter Models 3910logo_web
50 LPM and 28.3 LPM Laser Particle Counters


Cleanroom verification
Clean Bench verification
Filter Testing
Facility Certification
Food Process Investigation
Hospital Surgical Room

50 L/min (1.77 cfm) Flow Rate – Model 3910
28.3 L/min (1.0 cfm) Flow Rate – Model 3905
Compliant with ISO 21501-4 and 21 CFR Part 11
Simultaneous measurements of 6 particle sizes
Store up to 10,000 Measurements
Stainless Enclosure
2 Year Warranty
Featherlight with an ultra-small footprint
Large Color Touch Screen
Multi-parameter: Particle, Airflow, Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure
Mulit-standard mode: ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295, EU GMP

DOWNLOAD_PDF Kanomax_3910-3905              YouTube_Video            Hands On YouTube Video

3887Handheld Particle Counter Model 3887logo_web

Cleanroom Verification / Monitoring
Clean Bench Verification
IAQ Investigation
Food Processing Investigation
Hospital Surgical Rooms
Filter Testing
Simultaneously measures and displays 3 particle sizes
Built-in flow sensor ensures highly accurate measurement
Stores up to 10,000 measurements

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Hand_Held_300x495Climomaster Model 6501 Series Air Velocity Meterlogo_web
Most Accurate Hot-wire Anemometer of its Kind.
HVAC Ventilation Testing and Balancing
Laboratory Control
Fume Hood Performance Testing
IAQ Investigation
Industrial Flow Testing FeaturesThe most accurate handheld hot-wire anemometer in its class.
Probe Compatibility feature allows you to have spare probes.
Detachable probe.
Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function.
USB connection to PC.
Large data storage, stores up to 20,000 measurements.
Differential Pressure available as an option. BenefitsOne probe simultaneously measures air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate.
7 different detachable probes available, including a low air velocity, omni-directional probe.
If you have more than one unit, detachable probes allow you to share the main unit or the probes.
Optional Measuring Software displays real-time measurements in table, graphic, and spread sheet formats

DOWNLOAD PDF Climomaster_Spec_Sheets                           YouTube_Video

Microbe_SensorBioSentinel Microbe Sensorlogo_web

Model 3070

The BioSentinel microbe sensor from Kanomax can detect microbes such as fungi and bacteria in as little as 10 minutes. Using a patented heating system that serves as a catalyst to enhance the auto-fluorescing properties of these biological particles, the BioSentinel is able to detect them in real-time, providing early warning of a breach in the controlled environment and making it easier to pinpoint the source.

  • Real-time measurement of microbes (in just 10 minutes)
  • No special skill required to operate the sensor
  • Light weight and compact
  • Applications include: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage production facilities; medical facilities such as exam and patient rooms; cooking and dining facilities
    How does it work?

Additional Cleanroom Products By Kanomax              Industrial Hygiene Instruments By Kanomax

RT-1000_300x219RT-1000Static_Solutions 200x124
Digital Display Megohmmeter
Humidity and temperature affect resistivity so they must be tested. The RT-1000 tests resistivity, humidity, and temperature of all conductive, antistatic, and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to the EOS/ESD CECC, ANSI, ASTM, UL, NFPA, Military, and EIA test procedures.

The RT-1000 includes:

  • Two 5lb. 2.5″ probes with handles
  • Two 3″ parallel surface resistivity probes
  • Dissipative chair test probe (meets ANSI/EOS/ ESD Standard 12.1)
  • Earth ground probe
  • Garment clamps (conforms to EOS/ESD 2.1 standard)
  • Concentric ring probe available
  • Foam lined carrying case

RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester

RT-2000 – Complete 20/20 Audit Kit (RT-1000 and FM-1125 Field Meter)

  • Measures resistivity RTT, RTV, and RTG 103-1012ohms/sq, ohms, ohm/cm
  • Relative humidity 10% – 90% RH
  • Measures temperature: 32°F to 100°F
  • Digital display
  • NIST calibration included
  • Includes probes to measure smocks, earth ground, chairs – $400 value for free
  • Resistivity probe built in
  • CE Mark included
  • Includes Celsius or Fahrenheit. Kit includes, two (5) lb. probes, coil cords, hard carrying case, battery, 110v or 220v adaptor, garment clips, chair probe, and ground circuit tester. NIST Certified
    Optional Accessories:
    Personal Wrist Strap Tester
    Personal Footwear Tester
    Miniature Probes
    2 – 5lb Resistance Probes
    Ground Circuit Tester
    Garment Clips
    Chair Probe
    Two Coil Cords – Banana Plug and
    3.5mm Plug
    Meg Upgrade
    NIST Calibration and Certificate

RT-500_300x330RT-500Static_Solutions 200x124
Resistivity Tester
The RT-500 Resistivity Tester measures surface resistivity using parallel electrodes and concentric rings. Tests resistance to ground (RTG), resistance between two points (RTT) and volume resistance.

Ohm-Stat RT-500 tests each sleeve of a garment for continuity in addition to performing dissipative seating tests. The RT-500 can also test shoes, heelgrounders, and wrist straps with optional accessories. Conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1), EN 61340.5.1, ASTM-F150, NFPA 99A, and ASTMD257 standards.

The Ohm-Stat RT-500 Megohmmeter is designed to quality inspect incoming materials such as floor finishes, floor mats, table mats, conductive floor tiles, work surfaces, paints, bags, wrist straps, common point ground cords, footwear, packaging materials, clothing, and ESD chairs in static controlled areas.

The RT-500 includes:

  • Parallel bar, resistivity probes and RTG cord – Jacks are available for external probes
  • Grounding hardware and instructions
  • One-year limited warranty
  • NIST Certificate
  • 9v DC alkaline battery
  • Carrying case
    • Range: 103 – 1012 ohms
    • Measures resistance/resistivity, RTT, RTG and volume resistance with accessories
    • Automatic zeroing and power shut off
    • CE approved
    • Conforms to EOS/ESD, NFPA, ANSI, UL, ASTM, Military, EIA, and EN standards
    • Automatic voltage range selector
    • Small, lightweight – 2.6 x 5 x 1.2 inches (6.5 x 113 x 3cm), 8.4 oz. (233 grams)
    • LED display color indicates range
      Low battery warning light

Optional Accessories:
Personal Wrist Strap Tester
Personal Footwear Tester
Miniature Probes
2 – 5lb Resistance Probes
Ground Circuit Tester
Garment Clips
Chair Probe